How to Play

India’s Biggest Sport Game

Get the enthralling experience using this entertaining platform with the opportunity to earn cash and have fun.

How to Play

Steps to Get Started

Step 1

Select Your Favorite Sport

Explore all the available options and choose the one you like the most. Just after selecting your favorite sport, you get access to other options available on your app.

Step 2

Select A Match

Select from the upcoming matches and participate in the game displaying your sports knowledge and skills.

Step 3

Build Your Team

Use your sports expertise and showcase your ability to create your Fancy11 team within a limited credit point and categories. You can check the player's information and add players in your team as per the selected categories. The categories are:

WK - Wicket-keeper
BAT - Batsmen
BWL - Bowlers
AR - All-rounders

Select the players for your Fancy11 team from specified categories.

Step 4

Choose the Captain & Vice Captain Wisely

Get the ultimate experience to earn based on your selected Captain and Vice Captain field performance.

Step 5

Add Cash In Wallet

One must add cash in Fancy11 wallet in order to play and participate in the contest. Money in your Fancy 11 Wallet is divided into 3 categories.

Unutilized:- The amount which you have deposited in the account, but not joined any league using this amount.

Winning:-The amount of money earned by winning the cash leagues.

Cash Bonus:-The amount which cannot be withdrawn, but can be used to join any public league given by Fancy11.

Step 6

Participate in the League/Contest

Grab to the opportunity to play with friends and compete with them using Fancy 11. Do not miss the chance to earn cash and display your sports knowledge and skills to friends.

Step 7

Track & Withdraw Your Winning Amount

Get real-time information of match and track your fantasy scorecard using Fancy11. The winning amount will be credited in your Fancy 11 account which can be withdrawn on the immediate basis.